How to use Zoom

We’ll use Zoom for our web conferencing.

Join the session

You don’t need to create a Zoom account or pay anything to them.

1. Click the Join the session link that’s on the home page for your workshop.

2. If necessary, download the app. The first time you join a Zoom session, Zoom will download a small application to your computer. Follow the instructions on the screen to run the installer. The application should then open on its own and connect you to the meeting.

Zoom iconIf you’d like to download the app before trying to join a meeting, you can download it here.

3. Go to the Zoom app. Don’t stay in your browser. Find the app icon in your menu tray or list of open apps and click it.

Identify yourself

When asked for your name, enter your first name and last initial (at least). This determines how your name will appear in the chat.

The session will be recorded. Others who were not present at the live session might see the recording, including your contributions in the chat.

Want to be anonymous? Join before the session starts, using a fake but professional name. Let the organizer know your real name in a private chat message to them. We need to know real names to make sure that the people who are in the room are the people who should be there.

Connect your audio

You don’t need a mic. You just need to be able to hear.

You can connect using computer audio or a phone call.

Screenshot showing how to connect audio

How to use computer audio

Choose Computer Audio to have the sound come from your computer speakers or headphones. This works well for many people and has no charge.

Click Test Computer Mic & Speakers to test your computer audio. You’ll see the following screen. Make sure you’ve selected the right speakers or headphones.

Test your speakers

There’s no need to test your mic.

How to connect with a phone

The Phone Call tab will give you a phone number to use. The call will have standard phone charges. Click the country drop-down to see if there’s a local number for you.

Get the phone number

Click the flag to get a phone number in your country.

Display the chat

Once you’ve entered the meeting room and can see the first slide, choose Exit full screen.

Now you can see the window controls at the bottom. Click Chat to see the chat.

Zoom window

Zoom toolbar


More help

The Zoom FAQ covers everything you need to know.

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