Elearning Blueprint

Elearning Blueprint

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Design smart, lively elearning

The Elearning Blueprint helps you quickly design powerful elearning that creates real change. It’s a subscription-based web site that walks you step by step through action mapping, a streamlined approach to instructional design for business.

What you’ll do

  • Use a visual approach to instructional design. Makes collaboration easy!
  • Identify when elearning will help solve a problem
  • Replace dry information with challenging activities and scenarios
  • Show how your project improves business performance
  • Choose the media types that research shows work best
  • Get the best results from any elearning tool, including rapid tools

Created especially for the business world

If you’re designing self-paced elearning for adults in the workplace, the blueprint is for you. If you’re in academia, the blueprint might not apply to you, due to its focus on meeting business goals.

See for yourself

See the blueprint for yourself. Start here and keep going. You’ll see typical activities that will help you create powerful elearning that’s focused on business goals.

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Does the blueprint cover scenarios?
Yes, the blueprint helps you decide what type of scenario you need and gives you high-level help in designing it. Since the blueprint covers all types of elearning, it doesn’t go into deep detail about all aspects of scenario design. If that’s what you’re looking for, you might check out my scenario design course.

Is the blueprint a course template?
The blueprint isn’t a template. Instead, it’s a job aid that helps you apply fast, focused instructional design to your project. It helps you standardize your process, but it doesn’t standardize your courses. Every performance problem needs a unique solution, and the blueprint helps you design that solution.

Does the blueprint generate an online course?
You’ll create your course using your existing tools. The blueprint is a guide that helps you confidently make decisions about activities, media, organization, and writing style.

Does the blueprint store my course information online?
No. You’ll download worksheets and keep your course content on your local computer.

Who uses the blueprint?
Businesses, large non-profits, and governmental organizations around the world use the blueprint. Customers have included Boston Engineering, FedEx, Citrix Systems, Telefónica UK, Unicef, GlaxoSmithKline, the US Postal Service, Merck, the US Dept. of the Interior, Barclays Wealth, Fidelity Investments, Pfizer, and Booz Allen Hamilton.

I’m an educator. Will the blueprint work for me?
If your students need to pass a knowledge test, the blueprint won’t work for you. The design process requires you to set a measurable business goal, describe what people need to do on the job to reach that goal, and analyze why they aren’t doing it, none of which is possible in conventional educational settings.

Who developed the blueprint?
The blueprint was written by Cathy Moore, who has been creating lively instruction for more than 29 years for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

What are the system requirements?
The blueprint is a standard web site with embedded HTML5 interactions and some Javascript. You’ll need a current browser with Javascript enabled and a program that can open Microsoft Word files (for some worksheets).

Get instant access

Ready to design livelier elearning? Start now! You’ll get instant access to the blueprint. You’ll be able to:

  • Access the blueprint for 3 months (90 days)
  • Download all worksheets and recommendations (keep them forever)
  • Enter comments and questions
  • Bookmark pages for reference during the 3 months

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3 months of access
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How the team license works: The team license tracks how many people access the blueprint per day. For example, if you have 5 designers who will use the blueprint regularly and 30 subject matter experts who will need occasional access, the team license will probably work for you, because you’re not likely to exceed 20 unique users per day.

How to buy the blueprint for another employee:

  1. Click “Buy now” and check out using your name and credit card.
  2. You’ll receive two emails: A receipt from my credit card processor, and an email with a link that the employee should use to register for the blueprint.
  3. Forward that second email to the employee. They’ll click the link and register for the blueprint using their own name or team name.

guarantee_100Satisfaction guaranteed. If you decide the blueprint isn’t for you, let me know within 10 days of your purchase and I’ll cheerfully refund your money.


The blueprint is a product from Cathy Moore, dba Django Labs LLC, 382 NE 191st St #52572, Miami, FL 33179-3899 USA. Terms of service

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